• “We choose to support the Opportunity Foundation financially because we see the difference they make every day in the lives of people who are sometimes marginalized by their communities. Their services ensure people of all abilities are valued and supported.”


  • “The Opportunity Foundation has changed my brother’s life. He’s able to live independently and go to a job he loves every day because of their services and loving support”

    -Mike C.

    Mike C
  • “I love coming to work to see my friends and make money. The days go by so fast!”

    -Tiffany, member of Opportunity Foundation’s Product Assembly Team

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Empowering People of Diverse Abilities

The Opportunity Foundation of Central Oregon focuses on possibilities, not disabilities. You could say our mission is making dreams come true. Whether in search of employment, independent living, social interaction or personal growth, we provide personalized, supportive settings in which persons with disabilities are respected, understood and valued. Alongside a broad array of community partners, we are proud to serve Central Oregonians with disabilities.

About Opportunity Foundation of Central Oregon

The Opportunity Foundation started as a school for kids with developmental disabilities in 1965 and began services for adults with disabilities shortly thereafter when new Federal laws mandated that all children have a right to a public education.  Today, it offers vocational and residential programs serving over 270 individuals in the tri-county area.  The Supported Employment Program is designed to identify and match employers with potential employees who are seeking integrated employment opportunities in their respective communities. Opportunity Foundation staff works with employers to train, job coach, and provide additional resources resulting in a positive experience for everyone involved.

Opportunity Foundation residential services provide homes for 38 individuals with disabilities while other programs assist people with disabilities in semi-independent and independent living situations. Through all its programs, the organization works diligently with community partners in the fulfillment of its mission of empowering people of diverse abilities.  For more information, please visit www.opportunityfound.org.









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