Residential Support

There’s no question that people thrive when they are in safe, loving environments. Through residential homes and supported independent living, Opportunity Foundation has provided warm and inviting living arrangements for hundreds of individuals over the years. Whether they are in one of our professionally staffed homes or relying on our care team while living independently, every person is given the full benefit of our expertise, our compassion and our respect. We believe everyone deserves to live a meaningful life surrounded by caring people who support their goals and celebrate what makes them unique.


Opportunity Foundation owns and operates seven residential homes in Redmond accommodating 35 adults with disabilities. We take residents to and from medical appointments, on shopping trips and to recreational activities. Nursing care is provided for those who need it. Beyond providing food and shelter, we strive to make each residential home feel like just that; home – a caring, comfortable environment where residents make friends, feel safe and know they are loved and respected.


In 2014 we expanded our residential services to include programs for children and adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities that benefit from 24 hour care and supervision. Ours is the first home in this region that offers services for four adolescent residents. Maintaining a consistent, structured environment is vital to the well-being of our young residents. They still attend school, take part in activities, and visit with family and friends just as they always have. The difference now is they have highly trained and caring staff members on duty day and night to ensure their emotional and therapeutic needs are being met as well.

In 2012, 14% of all Oregonians suffered from some form of disability that limited their movements or required them to use specialized equipment to get around. 1 in 5 of us will be in that group by the time we reach 60.

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