There’s no question that people thrive when they are in safe, loving environments. The Opportunity Foundation’s residential program has provided support services in variety of different settings for individuals with disabilities; surrounded by caring people who support their goals and celebrate what makes them unique. Whether living in one of our professionally staffed homes or relying on our care team while living independently, every person is given the full benefit of our expertise, our compassion and our respect.


Community Access

For more than 52 years, the Opportunity Foundation has worked to empower people of diverse abilities. What does that mean? It means everyone has the fundamental right to live and work in supportive and inclusive settings in their communities. That’s why our highest priority is offering programs and services that help people work, learn, recreate and socialize in a variety of activities throughout their communities. It’s an important part of the process where we all learn that we are more alike than different.

In 2012, 14% of all Oregonians suffered from some form of disability that limited their movements or required them to use specialized equipment to get around. 1 in 5 of us will be in that group by the time we reach 60.


Our Supporters



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