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In Home Supports

Our In Home Supports Team helps families find balance and respite in their daily lives in a variety of ways. Our trained specialists meet with family members and those needing support services to determine what course of action best fits the needs of the family. We work with families to formulate plans that will encourage growth and community inclusion for those individuals who need extra help, while giving other family members the tools they need in order relieve some of the stress they may be feeling.

We work with both adults and children in setting realistic goals and attainable outcomes by maintaining regularly scheduled meetings and activities, based on your lifestyle and schedule.  Some of the activities we provide are:

  • Visits to local parks
  • Float trips
  • Visits to the library
  • Trips to the Humane Society and High Desert Museum
  • Swimming
  • Outings at local attractions like Peterson Rock Garden & DD Ranch
  • Concerts
  • Bowling
  • Parks and Recreation activities
  • Mentoring

Contact Deb Guerin at 541-548-4527 for more information or at

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