E-Cycle and Recycle

No one wants to see more waste in landfills. That’s why Opportunity Foundation is doing its part for the environment by offering Recycling and E-cycling services. Through our E-cycle program, if we can’t refurbish your computer equipment, our team will dismantle it and the components will be sold to wholesalers.

Our Recycling program takes old clothing that can’t be sold, bales and sells it to wholesalers, who then turn it into rags.    From 2009 through 2014, we recycled over 11.5 million pounds of materials.

Custodial Services

We have commercial custodial crews in Bend that will customize our services for your specific needs, while providing excellent customer service. Our teams use green cleaning products and state of the art equipment to ensure your place of business is not only clean, it is a safe environment in which to work.

Approximately 96,000 people, or 2.9% of the state’s population, experience difficulties with performing activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, or getting around inside of their homes.

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